Look Up! Perseid Meteor Shower Comes This Weekend

Meteor Shower Occurs Every August

The eighth month of every year usually brings a spectacle to the night sky.

The Perseid Meteor Shower comes when the Earth journeys through the remnants of an ancient comet.

When the Earth passes through what’s left of the Comet Swift–Tuttle, it crumbles into flashes of light—that’s what we see at night in the Red River Valley.

The best time to see the Perseids is between 11 PM and 4 PM on both Friday and Saturday nights, but that may not be when the most meteors are out to play.

With the meteor shower’s peak being around noon on Saturday, August 12th, it may too bright outside to see the meteors.

But if you do go and see the meteor shower this weekend, this is one space spectacle that you don’t need eye protection for.

For more information on this weekend’s Perseid Meteor Shower, click here.

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