Pet Connection: Meet Tink

She's small, sparkly, and has a lot to say.

Tink the rat terrier and her volunteer, Cheryl McGetrick of Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue, stopped by the KVRR Morning Show studios and helped light up a live interview with Emily Welker for this week’s Pet Connection.

Tink is tiny, but she’s a grown-up, at about 3 years old and counting. 3 is squarely in adult territory for dogs, and partly because she’s no longer a puppy, Tink got a lot of good, reliable adult behaviors she displays, but still has high energy for families who like to be active.

Tink is good with children and with other dogs, can do a sit and a lie-down-stay, and likes to exercise and to snuggle. She’s prone to some pulling on the leash but because she’s so small it shouldn’t be difficult to train her, and she does like to “talk.” This can actually be a benefit in some ways, because a dog that’s good about expressing needs vocally, like a need to go outside to visit the potty, won’t keep you guessing about what she needs until it’s too late.

What she needs most, though, is a forever home. If you think your family is the right one for this small and sparkly sweetheart, check out her profile below.

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