Pet Connection: Meet Oliver

He has a subtle sparkle all his own.

Diamond In The Ruff pet rescue can sure spot a gem when they see one. This week’s Pet Connection Thursday was a particular treat for the Morning Show’s Emily Welker, because Diamond’s Ryan Keel brought in her very favorite kind of dog to visit with us live in-studio — the kind of dog that’s a little shy at first, but comes to shine with a little time, love, and attention.

Oliver, our guest for the segment,  is a two-and-a-half to three-year-old German Shepherd mix, possibly with some terrier thrown in. We’re not sure what his backstory is, but he’s a neutered male who is just a little shy and reserved with strangers, including strange dogs. He lives with another dog in foster right now, and he’s doing very well with him, as he does with slow, considerate introductions. He’d also thrive in a home with older children, and he’s leash-trained, kennel-trained, and command trained too.

As you’ll see in the video, “Ollie” is pretty photogenic, but it’s his quietly charming, affectionate personality that really sparkles. Check out his profile to see if this gem is right for you.