Demolition Days 2017: A Car Competition With a Twist

Drivers smash compact, stock and limited weld cars into each other

HANKINSON, N.D. —¬†Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. It’s Demolition Days 2017.

Compact, stock and limited weld cars smash into each other and whoever is still standing gets $5,000.

“It’s kind of just an excuse for people to make a lot of noise and wreck stuff,” said Hankinson firefighter Jordan Krump.

Demolition Days has been a part of the Hankinson community for more than 20 years.

The Fire Department put it on for the last seven.

“Brings people into town, so we try to be part of the community that way,”said Jesse Arends, training officer at the Hankinson Fire Department.

Krump still remembers the first time he came.

“It was a little different. I had never seen it before where cars purposely smash into each other,” Krump said.

Even kids joined in on the fun in a Power Wheels competition. But it doesn’t mean you can get them into the adult cars later one.

“No. It seems really scary,” said 11-year-old Hannah Lingen.

Arends says they’re all about safety first.

“They have to be belted in and there’s certain things they have to build into the car to make them a little bit safer,” Arends said. “It’s just dangerous no matter what you do.”

Drivers get these cars everywhere and anywhere they can find them.

“Anywhere I can find,” said Jake Tiegs, a driver at the event for 17 years. “Any shell kabelt, any tree. Now they just come to me, it seems like.”

Many do it because they say it’s an addiction.

“My mom started taking us to derbies when we were little kids,” said 15-year-driver Steve Anderson. “You just get hooked on it and it gets in your blood and you want to do it all the time.”

But the addiction has a time limit.

“It’s two minutes,” Arends said. “If they can’t get their car moving or hit somebody in that time, then they’re done.”

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