HOPE Inc. Holds 6th Annual Fashion Show

"We all have different disabilities, but we all come together we have no disabilities"

MOORHEAD, Minn. — HOPE Inc. gives people with mobility challenges new opportunities every day.

“We all have different disabilities, but we all come together we have no disabilities,” said James Henderson who has been with HOPE Inc. for a month.

Now, kids and adults are getting the chance to strut their stuff.

“You have to learn to love what you have and by getting new clothes maybe that’s one small step,” said Adair Grommesh, the Executive Director of HOPE Inc.

The 6th annual Hope Inc. fashion show is helping those with disabilities embrace who they are.

“I love that everyone came out differently. You didn’t know what they we’re going to wear. Like you said some were super dressed up and some were really casual and they picked what was meaningful to them,” said Grommesh.

“Did I ever think in a million years I’d be doing a fashion show? No, but that’s just the comradery that hope brings so that you can feel comfortable with whatever you’re doing,” said Jarbis Wiest, who has been with HOPE Inc. for two years.

This year HOPE Inc. is adding a new category to their fashion show. Adults are hopping on stage with those kids to show them their most fashionable looks.

“This is a new thing for the adult group so it’s nice we’re able to be included now,” said¬†Daniel Westphal, who has been with HOPE Inc. since February.¬†

“It just makes you feel like a normal person in the world, you’re part of society. You feel like you don’t have no handicap. Just makes you feel so great,” said Henderson.

The fashion show is just a small part of the big things HOPE Inc. has done for this community.

“I’m so glad I entered it in. I’m going to be with it for life. I love it,” said Henderson.

“It’s been life changing,” said Wiest.

“When we started this program this is what we dreamed it would be. We would dream that we could do anything. That any activity somebody wanted we would do. We would not have Any barriers, there would be no obstacles,” said Grommesh.

KVRR’s Emily Welker was one of the MC’s for the fashion show.

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