Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Visits Minot Air Force Base

Sen. Hoeven says he's glad Secretary Mattis is visiting the base

MINOT, ND — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis visited Minot Air Force Base and talked about his change of course on nuclear weapons.

Mattis says he’s become convinced that the U.S. must keep all three parts of its nuclear force, rather than eliminate one of them, as he once suggested.

That force consists of land-based missiles, known as intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as missiles launched from submarines and from planes.

Sen. Hoeven says he’s glad Secretary Mattis is visiting the base, the only one with a dual nuclear mission.

“Clearly, the timing is also designed to send a message to North Korea to hopefully de-escalate the situation and get them to work with us on a diplomatic solution,” Sen. Hoeven said.

Before Mattis became President Trump’s Pentagon chief, he’d suggested ICBMs might be expendable.

But he says his view has changed.

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