Pet Connection: Meet Tootsie and Daisy

A sweetheart and a flower rescued from a shabby set of circumstances.

Some of the sweetest flowers bloom in circumstances of adversity, just like this week’s adoptable pets Tootsie and Daisy.

The Nanday conure and orange-winged Amazon, a bonded pair, were discovered on a Facebook page devoted to Minnesota pets for sale. It turned out the two were in a pretty rough situation.

Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education rescue worker Casey Myers brought the girls in to visit live on-set with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker, and said when the pair were found, they had been left in a cage without water, surrounded by indescribable filth.

Rescue workers believe Tootsie may also have been taken from the wild, a practice that’s illegal now. If she was, that would put her at about 20 years old. They believe Daisy is about five or so years younger than her companion. Both birds are friendly with humans, but they are trying to get re-acclimated after some time not being handled, so they’ll need a bit of time and effort to help them get there. They do like to make “conversation” by vocalizing, and they’re loud, so they’re not a good fit for apartment dwellers.

And, as bonded pairs are, they’re utterly devoted to one another, which will allow you to see adorable behaviors ┬álike grooming and cuddling. It can also be a great advantage since they keep each other entertained — but they must be adopted together, or it could risk their health or even their lives.

So if you’d like to see these girls bloom in your home, check out their profiles at this link:,Sponsorship


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