Pet Connection: Meet Kooky

He's got a kooky personality and a lot to say.

Kooky is the latest little bundle of feathers and fun who’s looking for a forever home courtesy of the rescue workers at Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education, or CAARE here in the Fargo-Moorhead area. He and his handler, Casey Myers, visited the KVRR Morning Show to talk — literally — live with Emily Welker in studio about the Senegal parrot’s needs.

Kooky is about ten years old, which for the average Senegal is about middle-aged. However, some Senegals have been known to live to be 50 years old. Like most parrots, he’s intelligent and lively, but he can nip when he’s had enough attention. Fortunately, he really enjoys a good head-scratch, and will often let you know when he’s done receiving affection by a display or a vocalization. Parrots are more fragile than they appear, and much like a child, they need supervision from general dangers around the home. So if you’re a more experienced bird person looking for a little kooky fun in your life, check out Kooky’s profile:,Sponsorship

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