Friday the 13th: Black Cats, Bad Luck, and Being Rescued

A black cat crosses our paths in the studio, and we couldn't be happier about it.

Between Friday the 13th falling on a day in October and Halloween just around the corner, it’s a tough time of year to be a black cat. The beautiful animals have long been associated with myths in many cultures about witches and bringing bad luck with them.

So we decided to tempt fate a little and brought a black cat — and an animal rescue worker — to join us live on the set for the KVRR Morning Show this Friday the 13th.

Sprinkles started life with a pretty lousy run of luck for the 5-month-old kitten. Rescuers found her alone in a garage as a wee thing, so they brought Sprinkles in, fed the kitten from a bottle, and put her in with a new cat family to help the baby thrive. Sprinkles is ready to be adopted now, but as Diamond in the Ruff rescue worker Ryan Keel said, black cats tend not to be adopted as often as other cats are. “I actually like them better,” said Keel, live on the set with Morning Show anchor Emily Welker. There’s really no difference in disposition or intelligence between black cats and other-colored felines, said Keel; they just look different.

It’s possible the negative associations of bad luck with black cats are why they often languish in shelters and pounds. If you’re still not convinced that’s nothing but an old wives’ tale, check out our live segment, and see just how lucky we were to have sweet Sprinkles on for our Friday the 13th show!

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