Pet Connection: Meet Diva and Nubby

And 47 of their closest friends.

Are you in the market for a cockatiel? How about two? No? How about nearly 50 of them?

Most of us aren’t really ready to care for 49 of any species of animal, let alone these beautiful little birds. Fortunately, CAARE avian rescue in West Fargo was, when the call came in that an owner had “about 30” birds in need of a better home situation, said CAARE rescue worker Casey Meyers. It turned out there were 49 of the little cuties, ranging in age from 3 to 15 years old, and in varying degrees of health.

Diva and Nubby are two of them, who came in with Meyers to sit down with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in-studio to talk about the cockatiel situation they have on hand. One bird of the original 49 has already found a home at what turned out to be the last minute for the tiny creature — the family who took it in found the bird was in ill health and it lived only a few weeks in its new forever home.

Diva displayed her outgoing personality during the show, and Nubby, while a bit more reserved — possibly because of his missing leg — was just as well-socialized. Meyers said cockatiels are great birds for people who can’t commit to a bird as large and noisy as a parrot, since they fit well into an apartment, and can also be taught to speak.

Chances are, there’s one bird among the nearly 50 rescued from this situation who’s right for you and your home. Look up their profiles at the link here:¬†

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