Pet Connection: Meet Lila

Baby, it's cold outside. But this dog will see to it your feet are nice and toasty.

Lila couldn’t have come into the studio at a better time. When all the forecasts are calling for a sudden drop back to normal from our record-setting warmth, one of Lila’s favorite activities is snuggling up with someone to keep them nice and warm.

This beautiful 4-year-old mixed breed possibly has some Great Pyrenees in her background, which would explain her beautiful, thick coat. She has a personality that’s just as beautiful — Lila is well-socialized as well as being affectionate, good with kids and small dogs, and has mastered the basic commands. As you can see in the video of her with foster worker Ashley Hahn from Diamond In the Ruff, she has yet to fully grasp the no-jumping rule that some families have — she still loves to give hugs.

Lila also is a pretty “talky” dog — she is very responsive vocally and you’ll never be left wondering where she is in the house. If this chatty, cuddly girl is for you, check out her profile at the link below.

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