Pet Connection: Meet Murphy

With his snow-white fur and senior status, he's kind of the Santa of dogs.

Murphy the Maltese mix might just be the perfect dog for the holiday season. With his soft white fur and big brown eyes, he could be a tiny little Saint Nick — or maybe just an animated cotton ball.

Murphy, at 14, was given up by a family who couldn’t care for him any longer, and he’s looking for a “retirement home” to ride out his senior years. Affectionate and small, Murphy gets along well with both other dogs and children, although Homeward Animal Shelter rescue workers have yet to try him with cats.

Many potential pet parents won’t consider adopting a senior citizen, and that’s really a shame. Seniors come with all the perks of an adult, with a lot of great training and years of good manners under their belts. Small breeds like Murphy also can expect longer lifespans overall than larger breeds.

So if you’re looking to make Murphy’s holiday dreams come true, check out his profile here:

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