Pet Connection: Meow-Maste

Yoga Features Room Full Of Adoptable Cats


This week’s pet connection is a little different.
Instead of bringing an adoptable pet in studio, Adam went out in search of animals in need of homes, and found a whole room full of adorable cats at a place where fitness and felines intersect.

You might not find a calming zen, but you might just find your news best friend at Meow-Maste cat yoga at Healing Touch Chiropractic.
This isn’t your “sit-in-a-quiet-candlelit-room” sort of affair.
It can be loud, and lively, with a mini herd of cats running free around the downward dogs.
If you’re only focused on the yoga, these felines might have a few thoughts about that.
You know how cats are, doing their own thing regardless of whose way they get in.
In fact, one tried to commandeer Adam’s yoga mat.
But that’s a big part of the charm, taking a moment to scratch a kitty’s head in-between twisting your body.
And their personalities really shine through in the class.
So after an evening of restoring our bodies with yoga and relaxing our minds with feline antics, lets meet some of the cats that you can try and take home today.

First, we meet Picasso, a young medium hair Domestic Short Hair. Picasso is black with orange eyes, and loves to cuddle. In fact, she spent quite a bit of time hanging out on Adam’s yoga mat. She love to play, but when she’s tuckered out she’s the perfect cuddle buddy.

Next is Pixel, a baby Domestic Short Hair.
Pixel really enjoyed exploring the room, running around with his friends. He has a gorgeous pattern on his fur, and comes to the shelter as a pound rescue.

Next, we have Wilder, a 2 1/2-year-old Domestic Short Hair.
Despite his name, he’s not very wild. He’s about as laid back as a cat can me.
He is calm and adapts easily to new surroundings as long as he has a place to lounge around.

Finally, the feisty runt of the yoga litter, Shirley Temple, a medium baby domestic short hair.
Shirley is absolutely full of energy, and sports beautiful white paws.
She spent her time exploring the yoga studio and running around with her kitten friends.
Healing Touch Chiropractic hosts Meow-Maste yoga once a month. You can find out more about Healing Touch by clicking here and cats available at Homeward Animal Shelter by clicking here.

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