Carson Wentz Still Has Many Fans At Super Bowl Week Even Though He Isn’t Playing

Fans Share Their Love of The Former Bison Football Star And Current Eagles Quarterback

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — We’re one day closer to Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis as the Eagles and Patriots prepare for the big game.

Until that moment we’re still hanging out in Mall of America in Bloomington seeing fans continue to pour in.

There are fans wearing all sorts of jerseys, mainly Patriots, Eagles and yes even Vikings jerseys.

We’re also continuing to see a ton of people in support of Carson Wentz.

We’ve seen the biggest Wentz fans and even the smallest Wentz fans.

“Wentz wagons man. Hey I love Wentz,” said Minneapolis Wentz Fan Chandler Sentell.

That seems to be a common theme with Eagles fans.

Christopher Jackson of Los Angeles said, “He’s an awesome player. He’s everything that we needed, blue-collared worker, tough guy, everything that Philadelphia personifies. That’s what he is.”

And thanks to Wentz and the Eagles, Philadelphia fans get to enjoy the festivities of Super Bowl week.

“It is a feeling like no other, especially being here,” said Chandler. “I remember when I was 16 and they were in it in 2004. To actually be able to have it here and experience all the other stuff has just been an incredible ride.”

“I think it is awesome. I think with all the fans here and all the players here coming together as one is an awesome thing,” said Christopher.

“We knew we couldn’t afford Super Bowl tickets,” said the O’Donnell family of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “We thought at least let’s get here and meet some of the players up close and personal. Like we got to see all the fun restaurants and see all of the Eagles players and all that fun stuff. Last night was fun because we got a towel and got to see the Eagles players. A couple of the players gave them towels after the Super Bowl press conference.”

No matter where they’re from or how old they are, Eagles fans only got one thing on their mind.
“Super Bowl champions,” said the O’Donnells.

That is exactly what Super Bowl week should be all about, celebrating the fans and the sport of football no matter what age you are.

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