Fargodome Warns Fans About Purchasing Speculative Tickets

The facility has seen an increase in the number of fans falling victim to having bought fradulent tickets

FARGO, N.D. — Staff at the Fargodome has seen an increase in the amount of guests being victimized by fake tickets.

An increasing number of people who have bought tickets for Fargodome events have become victims of fraud.

These tickets are usually purchased before general sales to the public begin.

“You can’t caution the consumer enough on where to purchase the tickets, but even if there’s a question …question it before you buy it, if you purchase it and then call, there’s not a lot you can do,” said Rob Sobolik, General Manager of the Fargodome.

There are only a limited number of ways to buy legitimate tickets to events at the Fargodome.

“The three main ways are obviously Fargodome.com, coming out to the Fargodome ticket office, or going to the toll–free 800 number,” said Sobolik.

There are usually plenty of tickets to be had for most events at the Fargodome.

“We’ll tell you if we have them available or not…very few events sell out these days,” said Sobolik.

Once you have your official ticket and head inside, you’ll be greeted by a new metal scanner, which the Fargodome hopes will make the fan experience as safe as possible.

“It something that entertainment facilities or sports facilities similar to the Fargodome on the professional level are going to for the different events it’s just another added safety precaution for the general public coming to the events as well as the staff working and the entertainers as well,” said Sobolik.

So the next time you head to the Fargodome, make sure your tickets are authentic and leave your bulky jackets in the car.

If you bought a fake ticket, neither the Fargodome nor the event organizers can compensate victims of ticket scamming.

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