Local Party Leaders in Minnesota Prepare for Precinct Caucuses

Precinct caucuses to help determine endorsements for local candidates in Minnesota

MOORHEAD, M.N. — Several people across Minnesota will participate in the 2018 Precinct Caucuses on Tuesday.

They are the first step in a series of meetings where political parties can endorse candidates, select delegates, and establish goals and values important to party platforms.

Local leaders from each party in Clay County are preparing for tomorrow’s caucus, and some think that more names on the ballot might drive more people to participate.

“This year, we’ll have two Senate campaigns, we’ll have a campaign for governor, and the state and local offices as well. And so folks, you know, the more people on the ballot, the more chances folks have of knowing those people, and they can get involved that way too,” said Julian Dahlquist, the Chief of the Democratic Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party in Clay County.

Clay County Republicans will hold their caucuses at Moorhead, Barnesville, and Hawley High Schools, while Democrats will have their precinct gatherings at various locations across the county, including Minnesota State University at Moorhead.

Find your location online and caucuses begin at 6:30 Tuesday night.

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