KVRR Exclusive: Meet The Man Who Got Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer’s Heart

TJ Nelson Sat Down With Jason's Father, Dave Moszer, And The Recipient Of His Heart, Dave Knudson

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer was killed in the line of duty two years ago this week.

Last night we shared snapshots from the first moment the Moszer family heard the heartbeat of their son Jason in his heart recipient, Dave Knudson.

In a KVRR exclusive interview, TJ Nelson sat down with Jason’s dad and the man who now has his heart to talk about that moment which happened last April.

Here is that interview:

Dave Moszer: “It was sad and then happy. Happy for the Knudson family that everything has worked out so well for them with Jason’s heart.’

Dave Knudson: “It was an emotional roller coaster you could say.”

TJ: “And how has it been since the transplant for you?”

Dave Knudson: “The heart has been great. I had some other health issues associated with having a bad heart but other than that the heart has been stellar.”

TJ: What happened with your heart and to get the transplant?

Knudson said, “It started out in 2007 I had my first heart attack and I got an LVAD and it progressed worse and worse. 2012 I was put on the transplant list and then 2016 I received Jason’s heart.”

TJ: You guys are all getting pretty close you consider yourself one big family now?

Daves: Yep, yep yeah we do.

TJ: You’ve got events coming up you’re attending together.

Moszer: “Dave and Jacob are going to the Force game with us on Saturday night and then we have another big Force game “Remembering a Hero” for Jason on March 17th.

TJ: Let’s talk a little bit about organ donation how important that is he helped a couple of different people right?

Moszer: “Yes he did. We don’t know where the rest of his organs went. We think one went out to California but the rest we don’t know where they are.”

TJ: Since you brought that up how did you connect with Dave?

Moszer: “Through Rachel, Jason’s wife contacted them and then we all got together after set a date and we all got together. TJ: I saw on social media you are wearing a t-shirt saying blessed to be an organ recipient.

Knudson: “Yes and that’s fitting because I am very blessed to be an organ recipient.”

TJ: So you would strongly encourage people to become organ donors as well?

Knudson: “Very much so. It’s allowed me to be at my daughter’s graduation. My son’s going to graduate this year so yes, very much so.”

TJ: Let’s talk about Jason at little bit it was two years ago, February 11, that he passed away.
He served in the military, police force and an organ donor so he continues to serve in some way you must be proud as a father?

Moszer: “Yep very proud.”

TJ: How was the anniversary for you?

Moszer: “It was pretty good. We did a lot of stuff. We did some stuff with the police department on Friday and then we went out to our son’s house out in Sabin for dinner and then we did hockey on Sunday with family and it was a pretty good weekend.”

TJ: You kept busy.

Moszer: “Yep stayed busy. We shed some tears but tears of joy I guess.”

TJ: More a celebration of his life and it continues here with Dave. You guys want to add anything at all?

Moszer: “No, I don’t think so not right now. I’ll probably think of something afterwards.”

Knudson: “Just glad to be alive.”

TJ: That’s a good way to end it right there.

Dave said it all: “Just glad to be alive.”

He had that life-changing transplant two years ago today.

I want to thank the “Dave’s” for stopping by the station along with Dave Moszer’s wife and Jason’s mom, Karen, and Dave Knudson’s wife Dianna and daughter Alexa.

The Knudson family is from Alice, North Dakota.

They reminded me that tomorrow isn’t only Valentine’s Day it’s also National Donor Day.

You can learn how to become a donor at organdonor.gov.

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