Functional Fitness Using Big Blue At Courts Plus

The Big Blue Machine Helps People Improve Their Workouts Through Functional Fitness

One way to spice up your normal workout routine is to try out functional fitness using the Big Blue machine at Courts Plus in Fargo.

Functional fitness incorporates more muscle groups during a single movement rather than just focusing on one, such as leg or arms.

One of the big focuses of the machine is to train you using your own body weight.

By adding in Big Blue workouts once or twice a week, it can help improve your overall fitness goals.

“As you train your body to work and act as an entire being together, you’re going to start to realize that your normal lifts are going to go up, you’re going to start incorporating more core into your bench press, you’re going to start being able to be more mindful of what muscle groups can help to further increase the strength in normal exercises,” Said Chris Chamberlin, who is a Personal Trainer at Courts Plus.

All month long Courts Plus is offering one on one orientation to teach people how to use Big Blue.

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