LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Roxy

A short dog who's long on charm.

Roxy the doxy, or dachsund, is a dog who immediately shows you why there are pretty much two kinds of people — people who love dachsunds and people who don’t know any yet.

Roxy joined Emily Welker live in-studio on the KVRR Morning Show with Diamond In The Ruff volunteer Ryan Keel to talk about the long and the short of dachsund adoption. The five-year-old female doxy came to the shelter a couple of days ago, and she’s already proven herself good with gentle kids, good with other dogs, and great with adults too.

Roxy does chase rabbits, because like all dachsunds, she was bred to hunt small animals like weasels, rats, mice and other critters. So she’s not a good fit for homes that have pocket pets or bunnies. She also likes to burrow and cuddle under the blankets, so check first when you sit down to make sure you don’t sit on her!

If you are looking for a super-snuggler who’s short in the leg department but long on charm, check out our clip with Roxy, above.

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