LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Bosco

The senior wiener you need in your life.

Bosco is teaching us all a lesson in wearing your senior years with style. The 14-year-old dachsund is still strutting and sniffing out treats in his elder years, and he filled the studio with delight on the Morning Show.

Bosco and his buddy, 4 Luv of Dog rescue Kish Hilmert, joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker for a live in-studio interview to talk about what it’s like to adopt not just an older dog, but an older dachsund.

Dachsunds are bred for their long, low and lean profile, and when you allow the dog to put on unhealthy weight, it can create real problems for their backs. Bosco doesn’t have serious back problems, but he should go to a home that doesn’t have many stairs because of his age.

Small dogs are also prone to tooth problems, so many of Bosco’s teeth have had to be pulled. In spite of that, he’s still got a great appetite and a ton of bouncy energy, as well as enjoying his cuddle time.

He’s great with people and with other dogs, and he’s a joy to have around. Plus, the senior pet adoption program through 4 Luv of Dog allows pet parents to adopt senior pets at a significant discount.

If you’d like to share your years with this short-but-sweet senior, check out Bosco’s profile here.

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