Senator Tina Smith Encourages Skills-Based Learning in Minnesota

Senator Smith spoke with local business and agricultural leaders in Moorhead

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Joined by farmers and community members, Senator Tina Smith listened to perspectives on national issues that might affect the lives of Minnesotans.

“Well trade is good. We need strong export markets in Minnesota which is such a powerful agricultural producer but that trade needs to be fair,” said Smith.

Smith also spoke with  business leaders about how Minnesota educators could ensure their students learn the skills companies like to see in prospective employees.

“There’s lots of different opportunities and kids need to hear about what they are. And then when they get into high school, they can start to get some hands on experience or maybe some internships or apprenticeships to give them a real feel of what their job might be like,” said Smith.

Many producers say that Senator Smith’s take on skills–based learning is essential to the next generation of farmers.

“Farms can work with someone who is a beginning farmer to help them go through, which we’re doing on our farm currently with two young men that are really being able to try out farming before they do the full launch,” said Noreen Thomas of Doubting Thomas Farm in Moorhead.

Thomas says the opportunity to learn extends beyond the farm.

“The experience that will set for their whole life and they can decide which aspects they like or don’t like if they do a launch on their own,” said Thomas.

State Senator Kent Eken and State Representative Paul Marquart sat alongside Smith to discuss farming solutions with Minnesota–based growers.

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