LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Barrett

He and his buddy Rayden are a package deal -- two for the price of none!

He couldn’t be a less grumpy old man if he tried, aside from his age. Barrett, a 12-year-old chihuahua-pomeranian cross, visited the KVRR Morning Show studios with Heather Klefstad of Homeward Animal Shelter to talk with Emily Welker, but he left his best buddy to sleep in.

That’s 10-year-old Raylen, a beagle who goes everywhere Barrett goes. The bonded pair have been together their entire lives, and they’ll need to be adopted out together. But that’s actually a good thing, said Klefstad, because not only do dogs do very well when they go to a new home in pairs, they’re also great at keeping each other healthy and happy.

Senior dogs in particular are often much easier than puppies for their new owners, because all their training is already done. No obedience lessons, no discipline for excessive barking or mouthing, no cleaning up puddles on the carpet —  leaving you that much more free time to enjoy your new companions and playtime instead!

Best of all, a sponsorship for cuddly, well-behaved Barrett and his buddy has made their adoption absolutely free for their lucky pet-parent-to-be. Check out the link to his profile, and don’t forget to take a look at the Spay-ghetti and No Balls lunch fundraiser coming up too!

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