United Way Celebrates May Day with Baskets of Books

They filled traditional May Day baskets with books instead of candy

FARGO, N.D. — United Way of Cass–Clay celebrated May Day with a special twist on traditional May Day baskets.

They filled the baskets with books instead of flowers and candy.

“While as fun candy and treats are in a May Day basket we decided to put books in those May Day baskets because we wanted to make sure kids are prepared for kindergarten, they’re ready to succeed, they’re excited about reading, so a little bit of a twist on May Day baskets at United Way,” said Kristina Hein, United Way marketing director.

The Baskets of Books event involved story time for kids and bringing books to kids in the community.

“I’m thrilled. It’s going to be very fun. I’ve heard from my teammates who have done this for many years how fun it is to get to see the kids and their excitement over the opportunity,” said Katie Froeber, a volunteer.

“When I went out last year they were dancing with their book. They’re just excited to have an adult come into their classroom and care about them, spend time with them, read to them,” Hein said.

Volunteers delivered about 1,000 books to 17 local childcare centers and preschools.

They say getting kids to start reading young has a great influence on learning.

“It’s really interesting the impact early reading has on children and their education. It’s a lifelong thing. You can never start too early, and we’re very excited to be getting the opportunity to read to kids,” Froeber said.

Those at United Way say the event is a good time for kids and volunteers alike.

“You’ll never know what the kids might say, how they’ll react, and it’s a really fun experience for our volunteers,” Hein said.

Volunteers say it’s worth finding something you’re passionate about and using it to help the community.

“Find something you enjoy doing. It won’t feel like you’re taking time out of your day. It’s something you’ll look forward to,” Froeber said.

Volunteers also got to the chance to thank childcare workers for the impact they’ve had on children in the community.

United Way brings books to local children throughout the year.

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