Donation and Recycling Options Available Ahead of Cleanup Week

People can put what they find while spring cleaning to good use

FARGO, N.D. — The city of Fargo and the community have many options for donating or recycling your used goods ahead of Cleanup Week.

People could donate their old electronics at the solid waste facility. Recycling them ensures they won’t just end up in a landfill.

“The old tube TVs that come in, they will literally get taken apart by hand so the glass will be recycled and made into new glass. The plastic will be recycled. The guts of the TV will be taken out and the copper will be recycled,” Jen Pickett, the city’s recycling coordinator, said.

Life 97.7 teamed up with New Life Center Thrift Store to collect clothes, house ware, and furniture.

“We provide basic needs… a couch, a table, a bed, silverware, anything you could think of that you would need if you were starting all over,” D.J. Johnston, thrift store supervisor for the New Life Center, said.

If you have other things you want to get rid of, the city will collect them for free on garbage day as part of Cleanup Week.

Halea Picha, a student in Fargo, says she’s never heard of a city collecting items for free until she got to Fargo.

“I didn’t need my stuff anymore, and I’m moving far away. I didn’t want to haul it everywhere, and I don’t need to pay to get rid of it,” she said.

Cleanup Week will take place May 7 to 11. If you missed the electronics recycling event, you can bring your stuff to the Household Hazardous Waste facility.

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