Kids at Shou Shu Martial Arts Learn to Fight Against Kidnappers

Kids were able to have fun while learning important techniques

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Kids at Shou Shu Martial Arts got the chance to learn how to defend themselves in case they come face to face with an attacker.

The head instructor, Alexis Potter, says it’s important to be prepared in case something bad happens.

“Every day you hear about bad things, and it’s super unfortunate that it happens. That’s why we’re here, we want to let the community know that there are things they can do,” she said.

One student says she was excited to learn how to protect herself and her family.

“I was looking forward to this all week because I’ve been hearing things about what’s happening in the United States, and I just wanted to make sure nothing happens to me or my sister or my brother,” Lily Reiersen said.

“I think it was really good, and it was really fun, and now that I know how to defend myself, I can help myself be better and stronger and more bold,” Emi Poziembo said.

Even though the class was about a serious topic, it was still a fun time for the kids as they burned off steam and  scream as loud as they’d like.

“It’s fun and you can’t do it in your house, and outside you can’t hear it, and in here it echoes off and you can hear it,” Chris Sabot said.

“It’s fun and you can really understand the techniques, and how to defend yourself. You’ll keep safe, and to have a happy life,” Poziembo said.

One of the techniques the kids learned was that if someone tries to attack them, they can use the ball of their foot and hit the attacker in the groin.

Besides all the slaps, kicks, and punches, there was also a less physical aspect to learning it all.

“It teaches you a lot of respect and focus and listening,” Sabot said.

This was the first time Shou Shu Martial Arts offered this seminar, but they regularly offer classes from Monday to Thursday.

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