LIVE: Artist Series — Play For A Cause

A playwright who's the latest in a long line of those who give other artists a way to shine.

When you think of art, chances are, you think of a painting or a sculpture. But the art we probably consume the most is created by people we hardly ever think about at all.

If it wasn’t for writers, 90 percent of the TV and the movies we watch — in fact most of our modern-day entertainment wouldn’t exist at all.

That means playwrights haveĀ  a huge influence on the world around us.

So this week, we’re introducing you to one writer who’s using his gifts to make the world around us a better place for the folks who live here.

The Morning Show’s Emily Welker talked with one such artist, playwright and director Scott Eckert, who’s hiding right here in plain sight, right in the Red River Valley.

He’s launching his original play, “Chaperones,” coming up next month at Fargo-Moorhead Community Theater. It’s a production of the new nonprofit group Cass Act Players, which brings the original works of local artists to life, often for free, for audiences at nursing homes and churches here. They also offer some free tickets to shows and best of all, offer a place for struggling local artists to get their work seen and appreciated.

We went behind the scenes with Eckert at rehearsals to see how much hard work goes into staging an original production. Check it out here, and don’t forget to see the finished work when it launches next month.

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