LIVE: Kitten Shower

Good thing they always land on their feet.

No, kittens aren’t literally raining from the skies, although it must sure seem that way to the workers at Homeward Animal Shelter. Kitten season has hit hard and fast in the region, and the wave of kitties they’re swimming in at the shelter has given new meaning to the phrase “raining cats and dogs.” Right now there are 29 kittens and counting at Homeward, many of them far too young to be adopted out yet. And they need your help.

Homeward’s Heather Klefstad joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker in the studio to talk about the Kitten Shower — a fundraiser coming up this week that lets you shower the baby kitties with everything their new foster parents need. Whether that’s formula, feeding bottles, blankets and more, all babies need a lot of gear, and you can help.

Best of all, she introduced us to four of the kittens — Nick, Coach, Winston and Schmidt, all named after Fox’s “New Girl’ characters.

Almost as much fun? You can toast the kitties’ future in loving forever homes at this event. Prairie Brothers’ Brewing Company where they’ll donate a dollar a pint to keeping these little fluffballs safe, warm and dry.

Thursday, May 31st

Prairie Brothers Brewing Company

4-7 PM

4474 23rd Avenue South, Fargo



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