LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Norm

If this cat's expression makes you think he's up to something, it's because he is.

Norm is a cat that was quite difficult to get a screen shot of for this profile story, and it’s not because he’s not a photogenic guy. He is. It’s just that Norm literally never stopped moving the entire time he was live in the studio with us on the Morning Show with Emily Welker.

Norm and his buddy, Homeward Animal Shelter’s Heather Klefstad, stopped in-studio to talk about Norm and his many — many, many, many — fellow felines over at the shelter. Norm’s one of 95 cats there who desperately need homes right now.

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month, and in honor of that, Homeward’s adopting out its cats 6 months old and older for half price from now until the end of the month. Cats can live to be 15 or older, so at a year and a half (we think), Norm is practically a kitten. The great thing about him is that while he’s got kitten energy still, he’s old enough to have learned some manners and some self-control that kittens just don’t have yet. He’s great with all kinds of people, other pets, and kids as well.

If you’re looking for a cat who’s a kitten at heart but has the great socialization skills of a grownup, check out Norm’s profile, here.


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