StreetsAlive Brings Downtown Fargo to Life With Activities for Everyone

There was hula hooping, biking, rollerblading, skateboarding and even Zumba

FARGO, N.D. — Allison Slavik fell in love with hula hoop dancing nine years ago, and has never stood still since then.

“There’s just a really great feeling you get from the rhythm and the momentum,” Slavik said. “You can turn on any kind of music you enjoy and just get a great exercise at any level.”

It’s also an exercise with an inclusive feel to it.

“It’s very welcoming and open to anyone who wants to play with hula hoops, kids, adults. It’s a wonderful community that’s actually been growing throughout the country and you can meet different people all over the place who enjoy hula hooping,” Slavik said.

This time Slavik and anyone else who enjoys hula hooping could get some exercise right in the middle of the road at the first Streets Alive celebration of the summer. But if dancing with a hoop isn’t your style, there was also rollerblading, biking, skateboarding and Zumba.

“I like the fact that all of Fargo comes into one big community at this big thing and at all the different stations. It’s pretty amazing,” said Hudson Harriger.

Streets stretching three and a half miles long were shut down downtown for everyone to celebrate getting active.

“When you’re not in a car, you’re better prepared to talk to people, see what’s going on. You’re not confined,” said Dylan Ramstad Skoyles, director of Great Rides who puts on StreetsAlive.

“It’s nice here being able to do something in downtown with a bunch of community,” Slavik said. “It’s so fun watching parents and kids just hop off their bike and run over and try the hula hoop.”

Slavik says many people put the hula hoop around their waste, but they should really swing it around their chest.

“Sometimes it helps if you put one foot in front of the other. That can help kind of get that motion going and it’s as easy as that,” Slavik said.

Especially when you can do it anywhere you want.

“It’s pretty cool. To have the streets blocked off and have a free for all where we can dance and be ourselves, it’s pretty awesome,” said Shannon Dahms.

If you missed today’s celebration, there will be one more StreetsAlive festival on August 26.

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