Red Cross on the Ground After Tornado Hits Watford City

The Red Cross says the devastation has brought the community together

WATFORD CITY, N.D. — The Red Cross is on the ground to help those who are displaced by the tornado.

“This was pretty devastating. It was only an F2, but given the circumstances… mobile homes or camp and RV areas… not a lot of things are tied down, things are really light, there was a lot of damage… it’s amazing what those winds can do,” Rob Stotz, executive director for Western North Dakota of the Red Cross, said.

He says the devastation is bringing everyone together. Restaurants and local businesses have offered meals, and people are scheduled to bring food over the next few days.

“I’ve seen a lot of community involvement. I’ve seen this community come together like glue, and it’s fantastic. There’s everybody coming out to help.  Everyone wants to lend a hand. It’s fantastic,” Stotz said.

The Red Cross has  had so many donations—more than they need.

“We’ve actually had to turn away some in–kind donations because we have such an abundance we don’t have a place to store a lot of them,” Stotz said.

Anyone displaced by the storm can go to the Watford City Civic Center for a safe place to stay — almost 200 people have been to it.


Anyone displaced by this storm can go to the Watford City Civic Center for a safe place to stay


The Red Cross says something they could use more of is places for people to stay.

“There’s always need for housing. If there’s any vacancies, let that be known to us so we can help pair people up,” Stotz said.

Ultimately, he says the storm has brought out the best in people.

“It’s just fantastic the way North Dakota is bonded. I love it, this is great. It’s unfortunate circumstances, but the people are just fantastic here,” he said.

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