Woodlawn Water Tower Gets a Makeover

It's part of a project that started five years ago

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The City of Moorhead unveils a new and improved look for the Woodlawn Water Tower.

The redesign is part of a project started by an artist, who brought the idea to city officials five years ago.

It includes remodeling Oakport Tower, South Moorhead Tower and the I–94 Tower.

Each neighborhood gets to pick which design will go on their water tower so each design will accurately represent each part of Moorhead.

“Anytime you give citizens a voice in how they want their city to be built or designed, and how they want to physically appear, I think that’s a really empowering thing and I think people get excited about that,” said Su Legatt, project facilitator for the Woodlawn Water Tower redesign.

On average, it only takes about a day or day and a half to paint a water tower.

Because the design for the Woodlawn Water Tower was so intricate, it took four days for engineers to paint it.

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