LIVE: Solar Probe Event at the Library

Watch the sun through special telescopes that you can check out and take home!

NASA scientists are in the midst of making history with the launch of the Parker Probe. The probe will get closer to the sun than any man-made object in history, and now, there’s a way you and your family can experience it firsthand.

Head on over to the Fargo public library for a presentation on the solar probe by an MSUM astronomer who will explain how it’ll withstand the intense heat of the sun, what kind of information it will gather, and how scientists will use that information to help us with life here on earth.

Your kids can get involved in the talk, too. They can safely view solar activity with a Sunspotter telescope — letting them look at the sun without damaging their eyes. And you can watch with them.

Childrens’ librarian Cynthia Mason joined the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in-studio to talk about the event, which is planned for Monday at 2 in the Main Library Branch in downtown Fargo. She shares information on why events like these can spark a child’s interest in science and lifelong learning, and what it’s like to watch their curiosity and imagination come alive.

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