Cass & Clay County Residents Participate in Early Voting

In order to vote in both Cass and Clay counties, residents need a valid state ID or proof of residency

FARGO– Early voting has started in Cass County and people are jumping at the chance to cast their ballots for the November election.

“Having this kind of a crowd early on the first day of early voting is not normal, but that’s good,” Cass County auditor Mike Montplaisir said.

Voting early is made simple in both Cass and Clay Counties.

All you need is a valid state ID.

If your ID has expired or is from another state, you can bring a proof of residency, such as a utility bill or a bank statement to vote in North Dakota.

“In North Dakota, you can use your North Dakota driver’s license, your North Dakota non-driver’s ID, a tribal ID, or a long-term care certificate,” Montplaisir said. “Those are the four things that can be used as an ID.”

Convenience is key for someone like Cass County voter Charlene Smith.

“I don’t want to stand in line on Election Day waiting for two hours to get in,” Smith said.

When asked about the benefits of voting early…

“That you can get out here and get it done with and you don’t have to worry about making it to the polls on Election Day,” Smith said.

Clay County began early voting in late September and received over 5,000 absentee ballot requests, with 3,000 of those returned.

Montplaisir said he was surprised by the large number of early voters.

“Everybody’s looking for convenience,” Montplaisir said. “They want to vote on their time, their terms. A lot people like to have their ballot at home so they can study the issues.”

Early voting is available for Cass County residents until Friday, November 2nd and until November 5th for Clay County residents.

Click on the link for Cass County voting information.

Click on the link for Clay County voting information.


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