Local Students & Youth Leaders Host 12th Annual Fill the Dome

The event benefits the Great Plains Food Bank and people fighting hunger

FARGO, N.D. – Truckloads of nonperishable food items started rolling in the Fargodome just after 8am, with one goal, to impact the lives of people facing hunger.

“Seeing everything come together, it brings me such joy seeing people work together and working to serve our community in such a real way,” Metro Area Student Ambassador Catherine Myers said.

This is the twelfth year students and youth leaders across the area hosted Fill the Dome.

It’s a chance to fill the Fargodome with as much food as possible to benefit the Great Plains Food Bank.

“Every year, Fill the Dome happens around Thanksgiving so that we can make sure that we’re helping people at a time when they need that food and they need a lot of help and so it’s a really good way for us to give back but also to help that community,” Myers said.

For many, it’s a truly humbling experience and gives them the chance to serve during the giving season.

“It just puts a smile on my face knowing that our school came together to provide for families that aren’t as fortunate as others,” Fargo North student Alex Luz said.

The donated food is being organized into the silhouette of a face on the Fargodome floor.

The silhouette represents this year’s theme, Hunger Has No Face.

“What we really wanted to do was raise that awareness that people don’t always know who’s hungry and who can be suffering,” Myers said.

Last year, the event raised enough to prepare over 200,000 meals to people in both North Dakota and Clay County, Minnesota.

“Knowing how many people you’ve affected by all of the cans that we brought here,” Fargo North student Bridger Scraper said. “A big part of it too is coming out and having fun with all of your friends and uniting the schools in Fargo for a bigger cause.”

The total money and food raised at the 12th annual Fill the Dome event will be announced on Nov. 20.

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