Three Arrested in About a Dozen Car Break-Ins, Neighbors React

One of the suspects is a teenager and was released

FARGO, N.D. — About a dozen car break–ins ended in the arrests of three people this morning.

KVRR’s Danielle Church tells us how Fargo Police were able to catch the accused thieves.

Neighbors in the 3200 and 3300 block of 16th Avenue South woke up only to find a series of cars with shattered windows.

“A caller identified multiple suspects and the suspects’ vehicle. Our officers were able to stop that vehicle and the individuals inside did match the suspect description, detained them and were able to late get a confession or admission from them that they did forcefully enter multiple vehicles and steal items from inside and they were arrested,” said Jessica Schindeldecker, with the Fargo Police Department.

They include 18–year–old Hannah Dahl and 20–year–old Chancelor Lewis, both of Dilworth. A teenage male was also in the car but he was turned over to his parents. Dahl and Lewis are both being charged with criminal conspiracy to commit unlawful entry into a vehicle. But Fargo Police continue to remind people year–round to never leave something precious in their car.

“Always get into that routine of making sure you’re removing all valuables from your vehicle. Always locking that vehicle and if you’re going to run in for a quick errand, it doesn’t take more than a minute or two for that vehicle to be missing when you come back out,” Schindeldecker said.

Some neighbors say they never even consider parking on the curb, instead making sure to use their garage.

“People break into cars and it’s not good. It’s not healthy, it’s not safe,” said Austina Essandoh, who lives in the area.

With Christmas just around the corner, neighbors even say while shopping from store–to–store, they make sure to hide important items from potential thieves.

“I’ll stick it in my trunk or I’ll stick it in the back seat under stuff. I don’t leave my purse in my car unless it’s locked and in my car and in the garage where nobody can see it,” said Haleigh Thompson, who lives in the area.

Dahl and Lewis are also being cited for having drugs.

Fargo Police say they found items in their car, which also ties them to an overnight car break–in in Moorhead and another possible one in Dilworth.

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