Local Chef Gives Back to Homeless Shelter With Christmas Meal

Jason Halvorson also cooked a meal for the Perry Center Maternity Home in West Fargo

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A local chef uses his techniques to get people around the dinner table and remember what the holidays are all about.

KVRR’s Danielle Church tells us how a menu is doing a little more than filling some stomachs at a nearby homeless shelter.

Jason Halvorson was raised by two women: his mother and his grandmother. But they both placed an emphasis on one thing.

“Both of them were big on gatherings and stuff like that,” Halvorson, owner of Texas Q BBQ & Catering, said.

Halvorson is now helping the men at the Dorothy Day House get together for the holidays.

“We have smoked chicken, smoked turkey, apple crisp and rolls with a cinnamon butter,” Halvorson said.

For an early Christmas feast.

“If you take a look at families, it’s hard to get together. People down the street, life gets busy. I like to get to know people,” Halvorson said.

Hoping to expand both his and the Dorothy Day House family through some storytelling.

“Everybody thinks about Christmas with their family and the big meal that comes along with it and so I think some really good conversations are always had. Some stories are always shared and you get to really learn a lot about people,” said Katie Rodacker-Batch, who volunteered to help Halvorson.

“You sharpen your sword, you understand what they’re doing and what’s going on with them. Maybe it’s just a matter of circumstance or maybe it’s a lesson for me.”

And reminding those who don’t have many family members to spend the holidays with that there’s always an entire support system around them.

“It’s really important for the holidays to provide people with that sense of community,” said Jessica Jackson, who volunteered to help Halvorson.

Halvorson understands the importance not just around the holidays, but ever since he got his start in the catering business.

“I don’t ever forget where I came from as far as when I was new in the community. People come from all over to help. People come from all over to support me. It’s important to give back because so many people have given to me.”

Halvorson also cooked a meal for the women at the Perry Center Maternity Home in West Fargo this afternoon.

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