Bison Nation Returns From Frisco

Many came back with smiles and holding up their horns

FARGO, N.D. — A sea of green and yellow continues to fill Hector International Airport as Bison Nation returns home from their championship weekend in Texas.

Travel Incorporated has been booking a charter plane to Dallas every year since NDSU has been in the playoffs.

This year, 181 people fit on the plane.

That doesn’t include all the other people returning from commercial flights as well.

Fans are quick to book the flight because they say there’s an energy in the stadium that you can’t get by just watching the game on TV.

“It’s insane. I mean you can’t even explain it. You just kind of have to be there. After the game, we went to the Cowboys playoff game. I think the energy at the Bison game was just as great there as it was at the NFL playoff game so it’s unreal,” said Kristopher Alberts, who has been to the playoff games in Frisco the last three years.

Fans also wanted to say “thank you” to Coach Klieman for all he’s done over the years and they wish him the best of luck at Kansas State.

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