LIVE: Examining the Unconscious (Bias)

What you don't know about the inside of your own mind will astound you.

Did you ever wonder why you really connect with, and click with, some people automatically? Or why other people drive you away, for seemingly no good reason?

It could be your unconscious biases at work.

And this morning, we’re delving deep into our unconscious, and you’re invited to join in.

With the help of the Village Family Services, a new workshop coming up this spring will teach you  all about the ways your brain works to bias you in favor of — and against — other people, in ways you probably have no idea it does.

It’s the brainchild of the Village’s Nancy Boyle, and it has to do in part with a special test developed by scientists at Harvard University and other top research institutions. By testing a person’s subconscious reactions to different kinds of people from different kinds of demographics, it gives you a way to crack open the biases you may be bringing to your interactions with people at work, at social events, and in other settings.

The Morning Show’s Emily Welker sat down live in studio with Boyle to talk about why so many employers are interested in the test and what we can learn from it. She took the test a couple of times, and got one very surprising result.

Check out the interview, the link to the workshop and the test itself. What you learn about yourself might really surprise you.

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