MN Gov. Walz, Lt. Gov. Flanagan Hold One Minnesota Inaugural Celebration in Moorhead

MOORHEAD, Minn. –  After a trip around Minnesota, newly inaugurated Gov.Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan have their final stop in Moorhead.

Usually the inauguration party happens at the state capitol, but the Walz Administration decides to take the governor’s office to the people.

When speaking to the audience at Junkyard Brewing, Walz and Flanagan both say they wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t hear from all Minnesotans. They also say a trip like this has never happened in the state.

“It’s much better and it’s certainly closer to who I am as a school teacher. We were talking about is this a good inaugural and I said I don’t know I’ve never been invited to one and so our take was to invite Minnesota to it. Go out, ask people to come have a beer talk to their friends and kind of celebrate democracy,” Walz explained.

Walz will announce a plan on Tuesday on how his administration is trying to protect federal workers living in Minnesota from the partial government shutdown.

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