Sen. Kevin Cramer Shows Support For “Right to Life” in First Floor Speech

Courtesy: CSPAN2

WASHINGTON –┬áNorth Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer holds his first speech on the floor of the Senate Tuesday to discuss what he calls the largest, most deadliest and silent war the world has known: abortion.

“To deny 60 million innocent children the right to these things is the highest injustice to our people and the highest offense of our god… To our god,” Cramer said.

The Republican has signed onto a bill to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood and shift it to women’s health centers.

The senator says he supports women’s rights, but he “begins supporting them nine months earlier than my colleagues on the other side of this important issue.”

Cramer’s speech comes days before the 46th Annual March For Life is held on the streets of Washington, DC. North Dakota schools like Fargo Shanley High School and University of Mary have participated in past years.

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