People in Fergus Falls Celebrate Wintertime Fun during Frostbite Festival

The weekend events include ice fishing, broomball, fat tire biking, and ice skating

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — Over the last few days, people in Fergus Falls say have been staying indoors to avoid the frigid temperatures.

Sprinkle in some sunshine, and people across the city are celebrating a chance to finally enjoy the outdoors.

“It’s a fifty–degree difference. We don’t even have to wear our jackets and hats, and we can just come out and play on the ice, hit the ball around, and have some fun,” said Erik Johnson of Ringdahl.

Others view the sunny day as an opportunity to try new things, like cross–country skiing or fat tire biking.

“This is a very nice change from running indoors on a treadmill and I’m just enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air and get a good workout in,” Lynne Olson of Fergus Falls said.

The spike in warm temperatures coincide with the Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce’s Frostbite Festival, which gives people a variety of options to shake off their winter blues.

“One of the main goals of Frostbite Festival is to come out, enjoy all winter has to offer, and just get out as a community and so some fun things together. Really gives people a reason to kind of bust out of that cabin fever,” said Lisa Workman, the President of the Fergus Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

Some people even come down from Fargo to get a taste of the wintertime camaraderie.

“It’s definitely worth it because your cooped up inside for the winter and this is a good activity to get outside, have some competition and some teamwork so it’s nice,” said Sam Petersen of Fargo.

With winter still in effect, people are embracing this frostbite to rally together no matter the season.

The Frostbite Festival wraps up Sunday with an Ice Fishing tournament and a pancake breakfast.

For a complete list of events, click here.

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