Red River Zoo Working Hard to Keep Spaces Clear of Snow for Animals

it's to help them get some air which adds to their overall quality of life

FARGO, N.D. — Red River Zoo puts on its own mini newscast to show community members how they’re trying to keep the animals safe in these elements.

While most of the animals were inside for the day, zookeepers have been shoveling around the clock to make sure they all are still able to get some fresh air every couple hours. Zookeepers say getting the animals outside everyday adds to their overall quality of life.

“This really does highlight our zookeepers and how hard zookeepers at a lot of zoos work to ensure the welfare of their animals. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny out or it’s blazing cold outside, they’re outside everyday working to make sure those animals are healthy.”

Twelve workers shoveled the snow including a few interns. Clearing the snow also helps prevent spring flooding and electrical issues.

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