Barber Giving Free Haircuts To Match Trump And Kim Jong Un

Haircuts Offered Ahead Of Summit Between Two Leaders


Watch until the end of the video to see Adam Ladwig and Emily Welker sporting the hairstyles made famous by these world leaders.

A barber in Vietnam gives some cutting-edge haircuts.

A hair salon in Hanoi is offering free haircuts to customers willing to look like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump.

The offer is in honor of an upcoming summit between the two world leaders.

The shop’s owner says he was originally doing the promotion for fun, but has already received about two-hundred people coming for free cuts, adding he supports peace with the United States after losing two family members in the Vietnam War.

A two-day conference is set to begin in the Vietnamese capital on February 27th.

It is the second summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un since their historic first meeting in Singapore last June.


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