Church Leaders Take Part in Anti-Racism Training

The Synod Assembly had passed a resolution outlining a commitment to racial justice

FARGO, N.D. — The Eastern North Dakota Synod ELCA brought together dozens of leaders for anti–racism training.

The training was initiated after the Synod Assembly passed a resolution outlining a commitment to racial justice.

Amanda Vivier, a spiritual leader for the Native American Christian Ministry, describes why she decided to get involved.

“There’s a bridge, and it’s been a one-way bridge for quite some time. Now we are on a bridge that’s crossing both ways. I’m looking for healing for my people,” she said.

The resolution includes a requirement that church leaders takes part in an anti–racism training once every three years.

Organizers say even though conversations around race can be hard to have, it’s important to discuss the issue as a group.

“It’s come to light in the last couple years that this has not gone away in our country. It’s a conversation we need to keep having and keep bringing up, especially as we become aware of how it plays out in our society,” Pastor Sarah Raymond said.

Some of the takeaways  include finding ways to help others find the good in people.

“It’s within each of us. We cannot change the things around us as much we can change what’s in us,” Raymond said.

“My hope would be that we embrace the good and the bad and we heal through the Creator,” Vivier said.

She points to a quote from Billy Graham that describes Native Americans as a sleeping giant, that once awakened, will be bring an uprising.

“We are right now 2019 living that moment,” she said.

It’s also to about recognizing parts of the past like historical trauma and intergenerational trauma to move forward.

“There’s beauty in healing, there’s beauty in hurt. This is a moment for my people to rise,” she said.

The Synod says it’s their goal to offer the training a minimum of once every two years.

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