LIVE: Flood Health Flood Warning

It's cold and wet and really dangerous to drive through. But that's only the beginning.

North Dakota State Department of Health scientists are warning us about serious health risks from our rising flood waters.

You might think the biggest danger of dealing with floodwaters is that they’re a muddy mess. But  as state environmental scientist Christine Roob explained when she sat down live in-studio with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker to talk about it.

Flood waters often carry a toxic mix of environmental contaminants with them as they pass through our communities — and through our farms, our businesses, and our homes, Roob said.

The water frequently picks up pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals from our yards and farm fields, oil from roadways, and even spilled household cleaners from homes.

It’s important when you’re doing your flood prevention work to make sure any chemicals on your property are secured out of the way of the potential flood water flow — anything from paint to drain cleaner can be a hazard, Roob said.

And when flood waters recede, the problem isn’t over.

They can wreak havoc on your sewer and septic systems, and leave behind mold.

For the Health Department’s cleanup and safety tips, check out the link, here.

You can also call the North Dakota Department of Health – Environmental Health Section at 701-328-5150 or email



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