Fargo and Cass County Put Trapbags and Levees in Place to Prepare for Rising Waters

Cass County expects preparations to take three to four days

CASS COUNTY, N.D. — Fargo and Cass County are putting trapbags and levees in place to get ready for the rising waters.

Trapbags, which are large sandbags, are being put up at Chrisan Boulevard and 76th Avenue at the south edge of Fargo.

They’re also being put in the Oak Grove neighborhood, Second Street and Main Avenue, Lindenwood Park and 64th Avenue by Drain 53.

Clay levees are being built at Madelyn Meadows west of Davies High School.

“We’re putting up some trapbags [at Chrisan Boulevard] to help protect these homes that aren’t built high enough. Better safe than sorry. Hopefully it doesn’t get up this high, and I don’t think it will, but better safe than sorry to keep everyone safe,” Kyle Litchy, assistant Cass County engineer, said.

Cass County expects these preparations to take three to four days.

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