MSUM Remembers Vietnam Through the Camera Lens

'Picturing Nam' is an exhibit featuring photographs from the Vietnam War


MOORHEAD, MINN.– The National Archives Traveling Exhibit is headed to Moorhead to celebrate Minnesota Remembers Vietnam.

‘Picturing Nam’ is an exhibit featuring photographs from the Vietnam War.

They showcase the conditions and events the soldiers and civilians had to endure.

The Vietnam War ended nearly 50 years ago, but the memories and hardships are still with those affected by the war.

Some of those memories captured by photographers are on display at the Center for the Arts building at MSUM.

“Photos are really impactful for people and they capture a moment in time whether it be exciting, positive, sad, and having the photos here for our students and for our community is a way for them to reflect on that time in history,” says the director of community outreach, Shireen Alemadi.

Photos of napalm bombs hitting homes, kids staring at war vehicles carrying weapons, and doctors performing brain surgery on a ship scatter the hallway; reminding us that the impact of the war doesn’t end when the war does.

These memories are something community members and students can walk by and reflect on.

“The realities of war and the experiences that they had growing up, these were essentially college aged students and so I really want to relate that this is something that they could at one point or could have gone through,” says Wendy Fuglestad, art gallery director at MSUM.

The National Archives Traveling Exhibit has picked Moorhead as one of 6 communities to host activities and events like this one to help celebrate Minnesota Remembers Vietnam.

Minnesota remembers Vietnam is an initiative aimed at inspiring people to remember, share stories, recognize bravery and to understand the lasting impact of war.

The Exhibit ‘Picturing Nam’ focuses on three photography themes: Landscapes, objects and faces.

Fuglestad says the school is honored to host the exhibit for the community.

“It’s a very prestigious opportunity to have something on loan from the national archives, but I also just want people to be able to come to our galleries and experience something that they might not otherwise be able to experience,” added Fuglestad

The opening reception for the ‘Picturing Nam’ exhibit is set for next Thursday night, April 25, from 4 to 7.

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