LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Ruby

Meet the perfect dog.

Ruby was scooped up off the street by the rescue workers at Diamond in the Ruff, and since then she’s been a busy girl.

Now that she’s left her days as a stray behind, the springer spaniel/lab cross has donned a pretty collar, had her toenails painted pink, had her arthritis medicated, and in general, has spent her time “being pretty much the perfect dog,” said Diamond’s Ryan Keel.

Since she’s a stray, the details on Ruby’s past life are a bit fuzzy, just like her velvety-soft liver-patterned coat.

But rescue workers place her at about 10 years old with a calm, affectionate, cuddly disposition.

She gets along well with children, particularly small children, and also enjoys the company of other dogs.

She loves laps and enjoys meeting new people, behaving like a much younger pooch when she greets new folks.

She even arrived at the KVRR studios to do her live appearance with Keel and the Morning Show’s Emily Welker festooned with a bright-pink lipstick mark on her neck, courtesy of a new admirer’s kisses.

If you’re interested in the perfect dog as your forever family member, check out her profile, here.


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