Community Honors Fallen Hero with “The Murph” Challenge

People gathered this morning at Fargo's CrossFit Icehouse to complete the challenge for Lt. Michael P. Murphy

FARGO, N.D.– CrossFit fanatics are paying tribute to Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy with “The Murph” workout challenge.

People gathered this morning at Fargo’s CrossFit Icehouse to complete the challenge.

The Murph includes a one mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and another one mile run.

The co-owner says it’s not about doing the entire workout but about honoring fallen heroes.

CrossFit Icehouse provided workout alternatives such as a half Murph or working out with a partner.

“This is a huge workout and the way people tackle it and partner up and do it, the community spirit, halfway through they will be cheering and yelling and this workout is such an honor,” CrossFit Icehouse co-owner Sara Mozingo said. “I mean just knowing that everyone is doing it around the same time across the country is a really cool experience.”

The co-owner says it usually takes people about an hour to complete it.

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