North Dakota Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument Appeal For William Hoehn

the Fargo man pleaded guilty to charges he conspired to kidnap Savanna Greywind's baby

BISMARCK, ND — A lawyer for the Fargo man who pleaded guilty to charges he conspired to kidnap Savanna Greywind’s baby, tells the North Dakota Supreme Court why he is appealing his life sentence.

Hoehn’s attorney, Kiara Costa Kraus-Parr, told the court, “The child was healthy, the child was given food, clothing, diaper changes, diapers, it was cared for.

So, nothing in the facts and nothing to what Mr. Hoehn plead to was endangering the life of this child. The State talks about the death of the mother and sort of the brutal nature and the facts of that, it’s irrelevant, at least irrelevant to this.”

“He was acquitted for the conspiracy to commit murder. The jury did not find that he had anything to do with that,” she said.

The court on Tuesday hearing oral arguments in the appeal of William Hoehn.

He is serving a life sentence and will be behind bars for 25 years before he’s eligible for parole.

Last fall, a jury found him not guilty for conspiring to murder Greywind in 2017.

The Fargo woman was killed by Hoehn’s girlfriend, Brooke Crews, and her baby was taken from her womb.

His lawyer believes his sentence is too high since he wasn’t convicted of the murder conspiracy.

She wants a sentence of 20 years or less.

Crews pleaded guilty in the case and is serving a life sentence.

The court will rule at a later date.

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